Marketing & Digital Marketing Consultant

 Marketing & Digital Marketing Consultancy

Hello, my name is Jessica and I’m a Marketing & Digital Marketing Consultant.

I have been liaising with different clients and rebuilding their online Marketing Strategy, designing action plans for improvements and providing them with the best digital marketing practices.

Hence, from Design & Website Development to SEO best practices, I can provide you a wide range of digital marketing solutions to help you growing your business online presence and stand out from competitors.


Marketing Consultancy


Website Development & Design


Social Media


Graphic Design


Results & Optimization


Marketing Consultancy

✓ Analyse companies’ profile and status, understanding their marketing needs

✓ Develop marketing research, identifying market trends, competitors and opportunities

✓ Develop detailed proposals and implement marketing plans according to companies’ goals and budget

✓ Provide insights to improve your business performance and market awareness

Website Development & Design

✓ Develop responsive/mobile friendly WordPress websites

✓ Develop e-commerce websites

✓ Apply best SEO practices on the website

✓ Improve website ranking on Google Search

Social Media

✓ Develop Social Media plans

✓ Social Media platforms management using creative content that strengthen company’s online visibility.

✓ Develop paid social media advertising to boost sales and build a strong online presence

✓ Social Media results analysis with write reports and suggestions for improvements

Graphic Design

✓ Catalogues

✓ Brochures

✓  Leaflets

✓ Illustrations

✓ Business Cards

✓ Banners

✓ Logo Design

✓ Infographics

✓ Custom Design if requested

Results & Optimization

✓ Website analysis based on Google Analytics data

✓ Social Media analysis based on Google Analytics data

✓ Perform PPC Campaigns on Adwords based on keyword research, ad types, image and budget

✓ Perform remarketing campaings

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